What is Roxer?
Roxer takes a new approach to making web pages, based on the idea that you should never have to bother with code.  With Roxer anyone can make visually stunning and fully functional web pages online using only a web browser.  Editing is even easier. To rearrange your content, just click and drag items where you want them. To change your text, just click and type. To move content from one page to another, just copy and paste. Best of all, you will be doing these things to your web page from your web page. It's that easy!

What are some of Roxer's key features?

Can I use a domain like 'http://www.mybusiness.com' with Roxer?
Yes, if you have a domain name you can point it at your Roxer account. Follow these instructions. If you don't have a domain name yet just upgrade to a Power User account and we'll buy it for you.

What kind of web pages can I make?
Roxer is an excellent choice for those building the typical web page. While there are many elaborate web pages out there, most are comprised of only images, text, and basic layout elements, all of which Roxer was designed to allow you to easily create and manipulate. To see real examples of what you can create, check out our "Made with Roxer" section.

If you need something more complex like an inventory system, or message board, Roxer may not be a fit just yet. 

What makes Roxer different?
Roxer is different from other products in a few ways.  First, we've taken a new web design approach which is visual and completely code free.  Secondly we've packaged everything that people use to make web pages into little things called "Boxes" which are completely portable. This means that you can not only move them around on a web page, but also visually copy & paste them from one web page to another.

Why should I use Roxer?
Roxer brings the art of making Web pages to the people. From now on you and your friends don't have to be programmers to make great looking websites or spend time copy and pasting snippets of code to do amazing things online. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Who is Roxer made for?
Our goal is to make Roxer the easiest available tool for anyone involved in web design. If you want to make a web page, you should try Roxer before any other web design method. Roxer is not for every type of website yet, but it is an excellent choice for simple website creation. We suggest creating a free account and trying it out for yourself. You'll know pretty quickly whether Roxer is a fit for your needs.

How do I use Roxer?
Unlock a Web page, use the Toolbar to add Boxes, click & drag to customize your layout. To change text, double-click the text and type. Lock the Web page to save your changes. It's really that simple. For detailed instructions be sure to check out our "How To" section.

What is a "Box"?
Everything on a Roxer page is a "Box" of some sort.  A "Box" is a mini program that runs on your website instead of on your computer. This could be a colored rectangle, text, a photo, YouTube video, friends list, speech bubble, etc.  The possibilities are endless and we have a ton to choose from.

Why should I use Roxer instead of how I currently make web pages?
Roxer is fun, saves time, makes amazing Web pages, and all without needing to know how to program or installing special software. Roxer turns you into a Web genius. Plus it's free to get started.

I'm a web developer, can I make Boxes?
Not at the moment, but Box developer support is coming soon!

Can Roxer pages show up in Google, Yahoo, and MSN?
They sure can! Roxer web pages are search engine friendly and can easily be indexed by search engines, however it doesn't happen automatically. To get your Roxer page indexed by search engines you'll need to get them to visit your page. To learn more about this we suggest asking for help in our community message board.

All this is free? What's the catch?
Roxer is brand new and we want to observe how people use the technology and what kinds of features they want us to add. To supplement Roxer’s development costs we will likely experiment with adding a small amount of sponsored advertising to our users' Web pages. Very soon we'll be offering a "Power User" account for people who need more space and features. For now we really just look forward to seeing how people use Roxer and watching the direction it takes naturally.

Where do I get Boxes?
You can get Boxes by pressing Add button on the Toolbar. Yet another way is to copy & paste from one of your pages or a page of another user.

Can I export my Roxer page?

Right now we're providing Roxer as an all-in-one service.

Can Roxer support my small business?

Right now Roxer is an excellent product for personal websites and small businesses.

How do I sign up for a Roxer account?
Use our account creation form and you'll be up and running in no time.

Can I move a website that I've already built over to Roxer?
We don't have an import feature yet, though many have already found that Web pages can be rebuilt easily with Roxer.

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