About Roxer

Roxer is an easy-to-use, free online tool that lets anyone create beautiful web pages without programming.  It was created by Lex Arquette and Jeremiah Grossman.  To learn more about Roxer please see our FAQ.
Lex Arquette - Founder
Lex Arquette hasn't slept since the idea of Roxer popped into his head years ago. He's a one man army, building and maintaining everything from Roxer's network infrastructure all the way up to the nifty see-through UI.
In a past life he was a Web Application security specialist and co-founder of WhiteHat Security. Previous to that Lex has been a software engineer,
movie extra, barista, magician, candy maker, and radio dj.
He enjoys fine dining, but slightly dislikes the 'Air Bud' franchise.

Jeremiah Grossman - Co-Founder
Jeremiah Grossman is like "The Wolf" from Pulp Fiction. If Roxer has a problem, no matter how messy, he is there in a flash with his calm, cool exterior and a swift solution. A man of many talents, he's our strategic four star general, web app security bouncer, wild browser tamer, web tech mad scientist, pinch hitter code monkey, and one man think-tank. He even shoots a mean game of Foosball. Every company should have a Jeremiah Grossman around, but this one is ours... partly anyway. We have to timeshare him with WhiteHat Security, where he is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer. One thing we've learned is never to try to wrestle him away from his work. After all, he has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
Llana Grossman - Evangelist
Llana Grossman is completely crazy about Roxer. Since she can't stop talking about it, we figured we'd put her to work as the Roxer Evangelist. Llana has been with Roxer since the beginning as a tester, editor, and one of our most active users. She lends her expertise as a professional writer, helping us to sound as sharp as we really are. This was also one of her main functions as a co-founder of WhiteHat Security. Llana is a recovering hard-core PC gamer, and instead obsesses over creating fun and educational experiences for her kids, and hosting parties for friends.

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